A New Year of Learning

Reflecting on the last 50 years of learning…



It has been an interesting number of learning years since when I studied Latin at Howland High School in Warren, Ohio.

SpanishI’ve outlived many of my best teachers but am continually blessed with opportunities to learn from and with those much younger than I. One can indeed, with patience and compassion, teach an old dog new tricks. I regularly learn valuable lessons from

 Robin the Newf..

Robin the Newf Celebrates a New Year and Her 9th

Lesson: How to make good use of a couch.

Couch 102: Summer Reading with the Newf


Surrounding myself with bright young student assistants is a valuable source of learning.

S-TEAM 2013


I continue to learn much from observing. listening to, and playing with my grandnieces and nephews. They so often make me smile, laugh, and give thanks.

Abby and Annie Approach the North Lake Newf Mascot, Robin


****Christmas 2014

Annie (age 3) works up the courage to give Robin a kiss.

Greg Schneider, my business partner and his wife Jane, continually provide me with opportunities to grow, to learn, and to think and share my areas of expertise while benefiting from theirs. And I learn about fishing on North Lake!

Greg Schneider, Consulting Partner of 25 Years

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